RSF focuses on investment opportunities in the senior living sector and in opportunistic commercial real estate. The firm’s investment strategy centers on deep industry knowledge, niche markets, off-market deal sourcing, downside protection, and active asset management.

Smith/Packett Development

Senior Living

RSF invests in senior living properties and related operating entities through acquisitions of existing senior living assets as well as through the development of new facilities. RSF invests across the full continuum of care and targets markets with supply/demand mismatches and high barriers to entry. Given RSF’s 20-year successful track record of investing in this space, RSF leverages its experience and expertise to navigate substantial operational and regulatory complexities to make strategic investments in senior living facilities. RSF invests in standalone facilities and on a programmatic basis, either in joint ventures with operators or as a facility’s landlord.

Meridian Plaza

Opportunistic Commercial Real Estate

RSF invests in opportunistic/distressed commercial real estate and has achieved consistent strong returns since the firm’s founding in 1998. Given that the commercial real estate sector is highly cyclical and that the opportunity set is constantly changing, RSF employs an adaptive strategy that reflects market conditions. RSF’s investment approach emphasizes a deep value orientation, data-driven underwriting, downside protection, and active asset management. RSF participates in both acquisitions and developments and invests in conjunction with local operating partners with proven track records.